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Alex Hall
For 12 years now, Alex Hall has been sowing the seeds of quality tracks in the Midwest dance music scene. These seeds have grown into a bountiful crop of trackwork, playlists, and gigs that could feed the largest of appetites. The former half of the Marscruiser production duo is now on his own as a solo artist and is back on the DJ circuit nationwide to share his emotional and passionate vision of dance music with clubbers everywhere.

Early college influences from The Orb and 808 State launched his DJ career in 1992. Growing up on Chicago house from the stylings of Derrick Carter and Green Velvet, and current heavyweight influences like Hybrid, Underworld, Fatboy Slim, Paul Van Dyk, and BT shape the sounds of sets by this very versatile DJ. His musical style, tagged "Breameat and Trekhouse", is a blend of meaty breakbeat and futuristic Star Trek type house.

2005 will feature new solo tracks from Alex, releases on his new imprint Hallway Recordings, and steady DJ schedule around the US as well as Europe. Come listen and watch as he elevates his DJ and production talent to a globally recognized level.
Andrew Kelly
Andrew spent a few years as a sound designer for the now sadly defunct sample site Digital Sound Cabinet where he was responsible for some truly disturbing noises, lots of which can still be heard in various Techno and Electronica tracks today.

His home is on the fringes of South London, England, close enough to feel part of London's scene but removed from the mad 100mph lifestyle and his music certainly picks up on this showing influences from Techno, House & Electronica and more experimental forms.

Andrew's other projects include the experimental Pradasa, sometimes abrasive but usually entertaining these constructs are an outlet for ideas that don't find there way into his more accessible work. He records as Blended Threat with Dave Pape and has also composed music for live art events for Hydra Live Arts among others.

Contact: Web: http://www.andrewkelly.net Email: ark at dsl.pipex.com or andrew at andrewkelly.net
Benz & MD
From benzandmd.com: 2003 marks the introduction of two Canadian new comers to the global dance music scene, Benz&MD. Currently with seven signed compositions, a handful of remixes and endless praises by some of the world's top producers and DJ's; the duo have a very promising future ahead for them. Their sound can be described as a fresh, sophisticated blend of deep melodies, twisted grooves and tight arrangements that captivates the listener from start to finish.

Originating from London, Ontario, Canada, Greg Benz and Marco Di Carlo were introduced at a local club where Greg was holding a monthly residency. Their mutual admiration for progressive house, atmospheric breaks and techno, soon led them to the studio where their experimenting and writing inevitably set the foundation of what their sound offers today.
With over 40 commercial releases on more than 30 labels, his success can be measured by his achievements. Burufunk's debut single, "Freedom", released on Kloud 9 Music and featured on the 1998 Streetbeat compilation, Battle on Funky Planet, made the track a hit and propelled the artist onto the international stage. As a respected producer and pioneer of the breakbeat era, Burufunk kept the ball rolling with many more hit singles including the 2000 release of "The Dream Experience" on Napzzz and his now timeless, progressive-nuskool monster, "Outsider", which was featured on Nick Warren's 2003 Global Underground compilation, #024: Reykjavik. After some well deserved international notoriety, many more opportunities presented themselves, including one that led to the a hit remix of BT's "Simply Being Loved" (Somnambulist). Renowned artist and producer, BT "was absolutely knocked sideways!", by the brilliantly crafted Burufunk remix, as was the entire dance music industry. Knowing it was important to work with other artists and performers, Burufunk forged a lifelong relationship with artists like Deepsky, DJ Icey, and many more.
Hailing from Los Angeles, Deepsky are producers and remixers of world-class music that has rocked dance floors and armchair listeners alike for over a decade. J. Scott G. and Jason Blum discovered their passion for electronic music in the new wave and industrial music of the mid-1980's, and formed Deepsky in 1992 as the seeds of the American dance scene began to take root. During the course of their 11-year career the duo has produced and remixed over 40 titles and performed live shows at hundreds of clubs, raves, and music festivals worldwide. From "Tempest", their 1996 single licensed as theme music to MTV's "Amp", to 1997's worldwide smash hit "Stargazer", to recent remixes of Seal, Madonna, Paul Oakenfold, David Bowie, and The Crystal Method, the Deepsky duo have firmly established themselves as one of the busiest and most desirable production teams in America.
Digital Witchcraft
From progressive-sounds.com: The duo of Ned Shephard and Marcus Bacalis first met each other on a recording course in Orlando, Florida. This led to many experiments and projects on and off the course's curriculum, providing the foundation for what has now become the work of the collective outfit known as Digital Witchcraft. Part of a thriving nu breed of talent emerging out of the US scene in the past few years, their work has brought them to the forefront with respective side projects with Sultan and Habersham also earning them accolades.
Grayarea first exploded onto the electronic dance scene in 2002 and beyond with a series of genre-bending singles. Though they haven't released a new original track or remix in months, they've been hard at work in the studio. While their career has been built on a foundation of DJ-friendly 12-inch vinyl singles, their new material is rapidly becoming focused on the opposite end of the spectrum.

The duo became well known over the early years of their career for citing their upbringing in the close-knit industrial and punk rock communities of Chicago during the early- to mid-90s. Those influences were always made most apparent in the energy of their unparalleled live shows. But when they made a conscious effort to shut out the influences that came from producing for a DJ and began producing the album they originally set out to make, the sharper edges of their youth began to force their way through into their recorded music as well.

McRae, alongside production partner & vocalist Ruin, spent the first half of 2005 laying down the groundwork for their debut album, breaking only for a small handful of club & festival dates. As the recording sessions developed, more of the vocal & guitar elements typically reserved for the stage were introduced in the control room, and their sound began to get harder & more refined. A few demos of the forthcoming material leaked from the studio, and gained the interest of Belgium-based industrial pioneers Front 242. A few weeks later, an invitation was extended for Grayarea to support their forthcoming North American tour.
From hybrid-group: Mike Truman and Chris Healings are Swansea-based Hybrid. Their 'type' of music has been described as a mixture of breakbeat and progressive.

Hybrid have toured the globe DJ'ing and giving their world-famous live performances - most notably supporting Moby in a stunning tour of the USA.

The second album, Morning Sci-Fi, was released on 15th September 2003 in the UK and will be out on October 14th in the US!

Visit Hybrid's official website at hybridsoundsystem.com.
James Warren
Music has always played an important in James' life, starting out with Roland drum machines and Yamaha synths before electronica then took a bit of a back seat for a fair few years while he completed his PhD in 2004.

Over the last 5 years or so, James has realised that electronic music (in a plethora of forms), is where his passions really lie and he cites many of the featured artists on Hybridized as musical influences. James originally gained his reputation within the progressive community with his meticulously programmed sets, seeing his audiences and support grow significantly over recent years and downloads of his sets in the thousands.

Over the last 2-3 years, James has also moved into production, both as solo artist and collaboratively with funk demon, Mike Bandoni as 'Coalesced', and also with rising dj/producer KiRA. Coalesced have already released both remix and original material on a number of labels and plenty more releases are scheduled. 2008 saw a remix by Way Out West legend Jody Wisternoff on the Coalesced track Cortina and 2009 sees the duo release an e.p. on the Triptik label. James' work with KiRA has also seen them release tracks on Polytechnic Recordings and Trafik remix for Global Underground's Afterhours 5 compilation. 2009 will see the release of a beautiful melodic house tune featuring a vocal by Rachel Lamb and released on new imprint Portable Magic. Many more solo remixes and production material is planned for release.

It is live performances that really see James energised and which have seen him perform under the Coalesced banner on the same bills as Force Mass Motion and Ashley Casselle. Under new management and in James's various guises, these dynamic live shows look set to increase with the use of computers, decks, fx units and keyboard improv.

Jason Dunne
Jason Dunne is an up-and-coming progressive/breakbeat producer and DJ from Florida. He is also the "J" in PB&J, who have released such great tracks as "The Way".
Recently completing his 4th album, "Routes", among numerous singles and remixes, James Watts continues to create dynamic and unpredictable moods with his music. Currently living in Philadelphia, he's played at events such as the Gaian Mind monthly and the long-running Hologram. He is a resident at the annual electronic festival Lab30 in Germany, and performed at 2005's Geologic Festival, held in Illinois by Psymbolic & Chilluminati. He has released music on Distinct'ive Breaks, Mixmag Live, Diffusion Records and Artificial Music Machine among others.

He's 1/2 of the glitchpop outfit KiloWatts & Vanek, 1/2 of the Peruvian Amazon outfit 'Skeetaz' with Bil Bless (SOTEG/The Disciple Grin), 1/2 of the superstitious techno duo 'Voodeux' with Tanner Ross AND 1/2 of the psyhop outfit 'Super Galactic Expansive.' He's generally known for his complex rhythmic audio editing, sliced and diced to all hell, married to wistful melodic structure and vaporous soundscapes. His music is a smorgasborg of disparate elements, all loosely fit together to create sometimes dangerous tapestries of sound. Genre delineation is pointless (though IDM and breakbeat splattered with jazz infusion and beat glitching are a substantial part of his modus operandi).

Web/bookings: http://www.kilowattsmusic.com/
In just a few short years Micah Lukasewich has built his name and sound on a solid sense of melody and rhythm that is well known throughout the progressive dance world. Producing since 1997, Micah pushes his boundaries with each new production/remix, and they are plentiful with at least one or two original tracks or remixes released per month within the year 2005 alone!. Micah's Music has appeared on such labels as: Fade,Silverplanet, Method, Acting out, Propulsion and More!, with new originals coming out on labels such as Aurium and Baroque with remixes slated for the prestigious Lost Language.

Best known for his soulful and deep bootleg remix of "Bent-As you fall" which was promptly picked up by EQ records for release on Chris Fortiers Balance 007 Mix compilation, Micah has now become a sought after re-mixer and dj with many International tours and gigs planned for the new year.

No matter what you find Micah working on, you will be able to detect hints of sincerity and emotion. With a strong drive to innovate his sound and move his listeners, Micah plans to make his passionate presence felt the world over.
Nick Lewis
Nick Lewis' passion for EDM and all its many genres stems from over 15 years in dance music as both clubber and DJ, and more recently Producer/Remixer. His influences come from many heady nights racing up and down Wales, the West Country, and in and around London, attending parties in fields, clubs & warehouses.

Working on a 'if I like it, I play it' basis, his DJ sets have historically been crafted on anything from VCR, tape to tape, vinyl and CD.

His main styles lean toward the realms of Progressive/Tech House & Trance, and also Ambient & Downtempo music. All styles are catered for on his 2 radio shows 'The Genre Show' on Frisky Radio, and 'Downtime' on Proton Radio. He also co-hosts a show with his resident guru & production partner James Warren, by the name of 'Virtual Contact' (on Proton Radio).

He has a huge love for the early days of electronic music, and you can almost always find a rare gem in the mix where possible. He hopes that you enjoy the musical journeys that he prepares for you. For dj bookings contact djkira@hotmail.co.uk or jason@polytechnicrecordings.com for the U.S.

The Genre Show
Noel Sanger
It's 2009, and a new day has begun. The year behind us will be remembered as Noel Sanger's best yet, and his momentum is only just starting to pick up.  No small feat for an artist with a 15 year history of floor-wrecking tunes released by the world's top labels and played by the world's top DJ's. In previous years, no less than BT has sought the Noel Sanger studio touch, tapping him to engineer and program on his sessions for Tiesto's Grammy-nominated "Elements of Life" CD. Noel previously spent 2 years as that Dutch superstar's chosen US tour-mate and followed his "Summerbreeze" mix on Nettwerk America with the widely acclaimed "Summerbreeze 2."

2008 saw the release of "Perfect", Noel's studio collaboration with longtime friend and world's #8 DJ, Markus Schulz. He released music on labels like Armada, Baroque and Curvve, and launched his own Dissident Music to wide applause. His music was supported in the clubs and on the radio by Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Matt Darey, Markus Schulz, Roger Sanchez, Andy Moor, Marco V, and so so many more, while his own DJ schedule included dates coast to coast in the US and Canada, a week in mainland China, even touching down on the European continent for the first time. He then relocated back to Miami, where his career began, and at present is anticipating the lanch of a major South Florida residency... to be announced- Stay tuned.

It's easy to see that 2008 only laid the groundwork for the supernova yet to unfold in 2009: even more touring (including return dates in Europe and East Asia), the launch of a new radio show and a new DJ mix CD (Sphere Of Influence- Moist Music USA), releases scheduled for high Contrast, Curvve, System Recordings and an amazing schedule of releases on his own Dissident Music. Noel is creating the best music of his long career, and has truly come into his own and taken his place among the brightest lights in the world of dance music.
NuBreed are Danny, Mike and Jase, an Australia-based production trio with releases on Mob, AKA, Zero Tolerance, and Boombox.

NuBreed's first album, The Original, will be released in October with 2 EP's out in September!

Visit Mob Records for more info.
Dubbed "Breaks Men of the Moment" by Hooj.com, brothers Colin and Justin Moreh are the 2 peas that form the Shiloh pod. They are one of the hottest and most prolific producers around, amassing an incredible body of released work in such a short time-as is almost never seen. Perhaps the busiest production duo this year, Shiloh is remixing the likes of Quivver and Human Movement and have enjoyed huge support by the who's who list of the biggest progressive DJs including Sasha, James Zabiela, John Digweed, Jonathan Lisle, Hernan Cattaneo, Luke Chable, Tayo, Nick Warren, Adam Freeland, BLIM, Meat Katie, etc., numerous plays on BBC Radio One, and their records have topped hype charts and record shop sales charts the world over, with their first offering, the massive "Will U Ever Come Around", signed to a reality TV series in the UK.

Their first album, a double CD release, is due in early 2005!
Stefan Weise
Stefan Weise grew up with a variety of music including Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Jean Michel Jarre, motown, soul, 80's electro, synth-pop, and classical. In 1989, a brief trip to England introduced him to the sounds of acid house. Even at the age of thirteen, Stefan managed to spend night after night in local English clubs and underground parties where he became hooked on the new electronic dance sound.

After moving to the US in 1991, Stefan discovered the sound of early "rave" music and decided to become a DJ. Being a DJ wasn't enough, and after playing local underground events for about a year, Stefan decided to enter the realm of production armed with nothing more than an outdated Macintosh computer and a demo of Propellerheads "Rebirth". Over time, he acquired more equipment and began refining his sound.

In 2004, one week before a club gig, Stefan decided to remix Gary Jules "Mad World" from the Donnie Darko Soundtrack. A friend decided to fund the release, which sold out within the first two months. This paved the way for countless more remixes and singles. Stefan Anion has remixed the likes of Noel Sanger, Tony Estrada, Sunscreem, Hybrid, Royal Sapien and more. Stefan's remixes and originals have appeared on countless compilations and top radio charts. As a DJ, Stefan has played all over the US where his DJ performances have gained much respect and are known for their attitude, energy, and "wild" music selection. He is currently the host of "Blue Industries" on Proton Radio and the monthly "Bluecast" Podcast.
Trafik are Andrew Archer and John Elliott. Andrew found fame as one part of the Forth, alongside Global Underground founder, James Todd, and the current manager of Dave Seaman's Audio Therapy label, Scott Dawson. The trio had achieved huge notoriety re-mixing the top 40 hit, BT - Loving You More. Andrew, with the aid of Scott Dawson then developed the Forth as an all conquering DJ outfit that would see them travel to the four corners of the globe. One memorable moment being Andrew's show on the Great Wall of China, this was the first performance by a western DJ in China; contrary to a claim made by a certain Mr. Oakenfold. Then came the release of the Forth's debut E.P, Reality Detached, described by DJ Hyper, as his favourite track of all time. Also featuring on this E.P was a destructive club track, Solavox, featuring vocals from a certain John Elliott.

Trafik, signed to the world's foremost independent dance music label Global Underground, have just been putting the finishing touches to their second studio album, entitled "Club Trafikana". The first album "Bullet" has achieved cult status and was a blend of club and chilled music that was likened to Orbital and Hybrid. The new album showcases an uptempo style which Trafik are about to take on the road, a mixture of decks, efx, synths and controllers the show is going to be a special one.
From v-sag.com: Vasilis Sagonas was born on January 28, 1983 in Larissa, Greece. Music has always been a part of his life, having formed a strong understanding and appreciation for it even as a young child. His two older sisters, also passionate towards music, nurtured his enthusiasm and influenced his tastes from an early age. While growing up, he studied the piano for nearly 6 years, which formalized his knowledge of music theory. In 1998, he purchased his first computer to start composing his own electronic music.

As a professional, Vasilis has held positions at several prominent software firms, including Greece-based FORTHnet SA. His skills with computers, coupled with his intimate knowledge of music, set him apart from many house producers. V-Sag's productions are a beautiful weave of melodies, chords, effects, and percussion. They are each unique, and offer a truly engaging experience.

Self-taught, V-Sag has always followed his heart towards his goal to create genuine, impassioned dance music. Through years of practise, research, and exploration, he has refined his sound engineering and sound mastering techniques. Now, V-Sag's productions are supported by the best DJs and producers worldwide, while being released by some of the most respected and forward-thinking record labels on the scene.

A shy and soft-spoken person, musical production for V-Sag continues to be an outlet, a way to communicate and connect with others. His sound is reminiscent of a time when producers made music for love. His vision is to express his feelings; to make people understand his music and the way he wants to feel when he is on the dancefloor.
Way Out West
Jody Wisternoff, one half of Way Out West, was into music at an early age. "I was kinda brainwashed by psychedelic acid rock by my dad," he ponders. "They're probably some of the earliest musical memories I have and the DIY aspect of music really interested me."

Nick Warren, Jody's musical partner, has also been music obsessive for as long as he can remember. His teenage years were spent rifling through record shops for punk, reggae and decent pop before the dance scene exploded. He DJ'd around Bristol before opening the South West's first balearic night, 'The Wiggle,' in the late eighties. His 'anything goes' approach to DJ'ing soon landed him a residency at the ground-breaking acid house mid-weeker 'Vision,' and it was in 1991 he teamed up with local musicians to set up the legendary night '98 Proof.' And then on to become the global dj he still is today.

The first big track, 'Ajare,' was released in 1994 through deConstruction, its pop hooks, bizarre samples and epic Hindu swirls taking the record to number 62 in the UK singles chart. The harder 'Domination' followed, before 'The Gift' crashed in at number 15 and established Way Out West as one of the foremost house acts in the UK. They went on to remix everyone from "A Certain Ratio" to "Echo and the Bunnymen." Their self-titled first album received huge critical acclaim in 1997 and saw them tour across Europe with live shows at Glastonbury, MTV parties and the MIDEM festival in France. Switching to Distinctive Records in 2000, second album 'Intensify' followed, bringing with it the eponymous single 'Intensify,' 'Stealth' and 'Mindcircus,' another top 40 hit and dance chart number 1.

'Don't Look Now' their third album arrived in 2004 with a fresher angle of the live band "With our music we take the approach that you should do your best, no matter how long it takes," muses Jody. "Do your best or don't bother at all. There's been so many new things already done in terms of dance music, it's difficult to move in new directions, so we always look for something new"

Album four in 2009? Well, album #4 is nearing completion and 2 or 3 singles should precede/coincide with its release in the summer of 2009.

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